Obamacare Penalty Calculator Information

Our Obamacare penalty calculators are for estimation purposes only. Consult with your accountant when you file your taxes.

We have, however, made a good effort to ensure that our Affordable Care Act fine calculators are as accurate as possible. Understand that every year there are slightly different variables that go into the formulas.

We do our best but there are some factors which can make the results inaccurate. That’s why you really need to work with a professional.

You can visit our Obamacare penalty calculators here:

Calculate Your Possible 2017 Obamacare Fine (due in 2018)

Calculate Your Possible 2016 Obamacare Fine (was due in 2017)

Calculate Your Possible 2015 Obamacare Fine (was due in 2016)

Calculate Your Possible 2014 Obamacare Fine (was due in 2015)

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